Just keep swimming ...

Goodbye Mainland 

Anacapa in sight



This is a story about Edie. The 14 year old daughter of one of Healthyca's long time employees. On August 15th, Edie swam from Hollywood Beach in Oxnard to Anacapa Island, thus crossing the Santa Barbara Channel.
The distance is roughly 12.4 miles excluding the obstacles that made her swim longer. The conditions were far rougher, colder and windier than had been anticipated. The water temperature hovered around 57 degrees. That alone would make most of us quit and run to the nearest Starbucks. Not Edie! However small (105 lb.) she was a strong presence on the surface of the ocean, absorbing steady winds of  10 to 12 knots, along with choppy waters that the
winds caused. As she began approaching the island, currents made her team slip from their intended course, to finish on the north side of the island. Ultimately Edie was forced to swim in an uphill battle to successfully 
touch the island on the east end, the "butt" of  Anacapa, in order to officially complete her swim.
Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association's Dave Van Mouwerik was the official observer making sure that every aspect of the swim is done by the codex of the open water marathon world. Swimsuit (no wetsuit), cap and 
goggles only, no breaks except for 30 second "feeding" breaks and no physical contact with anyone or anything. Edie was accompanied by her  fabulous kayaker Dan Simonelli, a man you want to have next to you in these kinds of circumstances. Her good friend and a fellow marathon swimmer, Carly Miller, was on the support boat tirelessly cheering  her on! The swim took 9 hours, 24 minutes and 13 seconds.
Can you think of anything you have done for that long without complaining, excluding binge watching one's favorite TV show?         CONGRATULATIONS EDIE !!!!!